TotalEnergies Partners with Major International Companies to Support e-NG Development

TotalEnergies is joining seven major companies to create an international coalition supporting the development of production and use of e-natural gas (e-NG), a synthetic natural gas produced from renewable hydrogen and CO2.

e-NG can be transported and/or liquefied and then sold like natural gas, using existing infrastructure. It thus can be used by end customers without any adaptation to their facilities, making it a particularly interesting synthetic fuel to support their decarbonization efforts.

TotalEnergies and its partners – Engie, Mitsubishi Corporation, Osaka Gas, Sempra Infrastructure, TES, Tokyo Gas and Toho Gas – are pooling their expertise and efforts to establish the “e-NG Coalition”, whose purpose is to support e-NG development in a reliable, affordable and sustainable way.

The coalition aims to:

promote the use of e-NG and support the emergence of a global market;

foster adequate support by policymakers and harmonization of applicable regulation and standards;

and bolster collaboration between the various stakeholders, along the entire value chain and across all geographies.

TotalEnergies is currently studying the “Live Oak e-NG” project with Tree Energy Solutions (TES), to produce 100,000 to 200,000 tons of e-NG per year in the United States by 2030. The e-NG Coalition will therefore benefit from the expertise TotalEnergies acquires through this project, as well as its expertise in renewable power generation, large-scale project management, gas liquefaction, and green hydrogen project development.

"As a major player in LNG and renewable electricity, and as e-NG pioneers thanks to our Live Oak project, it is important for us to contribute to the establishment of a global coalition for the development of e-NG. This synthetic fuel will contribute to the energy transition by facilitating the decarbonization of certain industrial activities, particularly those that are difficult to electrify, while making use of existing downstream infrastructures," said Stéphane Michel, President, Gas, Renewables & Power at TotalEnergies.

News release from TotalEnergies, 18/03/2024

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