Hannover Messe


Powerhouse for promising upswing

Hannover Messe - More than 130,000 visitors from 150 countries, 4,000 exhibiting companies, 300 startups and over 300 economic and political delegations from all over the world, HANNOVER MESSE impressively demonstrated its ability to internationally synthesize the best of technology innovations, business trade fair and economic and political agenda-setting. In other words, a veritable “powerhouse for the promising upswing” in Germany and Europe.

The All Electric Society Arena points the way to a carbon-neutral industrial society

Hannover Messe - At the upcoming HANNOVER MESSE, the concept of the All Electric Society will be highlighted for the first time and on a large scale with its own arena. The arena will be organized by the ZVEI together with well-known exhibitors. As stated by Gunther Koschnick, Head of Industry at ZVEI, "The aim of the All Electric Society Arena is to discuss the possibilities of an energy supply largely based on renewable energies, and to put them into practice."

Highly efficient ammonia-based systems for climate-friendly energy supply

Hannover Messe - In the future, ammonia could play a decisive role in the transition from fossil fuels to climate-friendly alternatives — as long as it is produced from green hydrogen, for example, using renewable energy sources. Ammonia is easy to store and transport. Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Microengineering and Microsystems IMM are developing ammonia-based systems for a mobile, decentralized energy supply in the infrastructure, transportation and industry sectors.

On the road to energy efficiency

Hannover Messe - Compressed air and vacuum technology is continuously being digitalized, but is digitalization really a panacea when it comes to sustainability and energy efficiency? The international CEO Panel on Compressed Air and Vacuum Technology at HANNOVER MESSE will provide the answer to this question.

HANNOVER MESSE shows the future of industry… and the tradeshow business

Deutsche Messe - Year after year, HANNOVER MESSE is the showcase for industry and a catalyst for future topics such as AI, sustainable production and 5G. As a purely digital event, this year's HANNOVER MESSE served two roles: it revealed not only the future of industry, but also demonstrated what tradeshows will look like going forward.

Bosch Rexroth wins Hermes Award with underwater actuator

Productivity.be - On the first day of the Hannover Messe Digital Edition, the Hermes Award was presented, which this year goes to Bosch Rexroth for developing the first SIL 3 electric actuator for underwater installations, especially in the offshore oil and gas sector. The SVA R2, where SVA stands for Subsea Valve Actuator, offers more precise control with lower energy consumption.

Production Level 4 demonstrator

Productivity.be - The Hannover Messe Digital Edition offered the fans of factory of the future concepts a unique chance to see the Production Level 4 demonstrator. With the new demo factory, SmartFactory continues to build on the experience it gained with the Industry 4.0 demonstrator that was one of the eye-catchers at the Hannover Messe for many years.

Innovation, Networking and Orientation in the Age of Industrial Transformation

Deutsche Messe - The corona pandemic has accelerated the digitalization of industry. At the same time, it has exposed the vulnerability of global supply chains. In the midst of unprecedented upheaval, industry faces a crucial question: Which strategies, measures and partnerships ensure competitiveness? HANNOVER MESSE Digital Edition – the central platform for innovation, networking and orientation in the age of industrial transformation – provides the answers.

Industrial Pioneers Summit offers AI and ML for practitioners

Deutsche Messe - Artificial intelligence (KI) and Machine Learning (ML) in mechanical and plant engineering offer enormous potential for manufacturers. That is the topic of the Industrial Pioneers Summit on 22 April 2020 within the framework of HANNOVER MESSE, with industrial production at the heart of the conference program.


18/09 - 19/09: Kunststoffen, Brabanthallen 's-Hertogenbosch (Nl)

08/10 - 11/10: Motek, Stuttgart (D)

13/11 - 14/11: Asset Performance Conference 2024, Flanders Meeting & Convention Center, Antwerpen

15/09/25 - 19/09/25: Schweissen & Schneiden, Messe Essen (D)

08/10/25 - 15/10/25: K, Düsseldorf (D)