Pauwels Consulting

Pauwels Consulting, originally established in 1999 by Bert Pauwels, has grown into a distinguished conglomerate in the consulting industry. With a focus on Engineering, Life Sciences, IT, and beyond, Pauwels Consulting upholds a philosophy centered around the personal and professional development of its consultants. This commitment ensures that the team delivers substantial and lasting impacts on clients' projects daily. The group also prioritizes cultivating enduring relationships with clients and partners, a testament to its client-centric approach.

Boasting a dynamic team of over 1500 consultants, the company maintains a robust presence across Europe. The group encompasses diverse companies, including Pauwels Consulting, Science@Work, 4people, Vandycke & Partners, Ormit,, Openweb, and more. This rich portfolio illustrates the group's dedication to offering comprehensive solutions across various sectors. Pauwels Consulting’sstrategic growth is further evidenced by its history of discerning acquisitions, significantly enhancing its footprint in the European market.

Roger Lemmens Appointed as Chief Operating Officer at Pauwels Consulting

Pauwels Consulting - Pauwels Consulting, a prominent European consulting firm with a focus on Life Sciences, Engineering, and Digital Services, proudly announces the appointment of Roger Lemmens as Chief Operating Officer. This strategic move highlights the firm's commitment to leveraging extensive management expertise and technological innovation for its continued growth and international expansion.


22/04 - 26/04: Hannover Messe, Hannover (D)

14/05 - 16/05: Advanced Manufacturing, Antwerp Expo (B)

15/05 - 16/05: Advanced Engineering, Antwerp Expo (B)

15/05 - 16/05: Food Tech Event, Brabanthallen, 's-Hertogenbosch (Nl)

28/05: Industrie & Maintenance, Namur Expo (B)

05/06 - 06/06: Vision, Robotics & Motion, Brabanthallen, 's-Hertogenbosch

10/06 - 14/06: ACHEMA, Frankfurt am Main (D)

18/09 - 19/09: Kunststoffen, Brabanthallen 's-Hertogenbosch (Nl)

08/10 - 11/10: Motek, Stuttgart (D)

15/09/25 - 19/09/25: Schweissen & Schneiden, Messe Essen (D)

08/10/25 - 15/10/25: K, Düsseldorf (D)