Festo is a global player and an independent family-owned company with headquarters in Esslingen am Neckar, Germany. The company supplies pneumatic and electrical automation technology to 300,000 customers of factory and process automation in over 35 industries. The products and services are available in 176 countries. With about 21,200 employees in over 250 branch offices in 61 countries worldwide, Festo achieved a turnover of around €3.2 billion in 2018. Each year around 8% of this turnover is invested in research and development.

In this learning company, 1.5% of turnover is invested in basic and further training. Yet training services are not only provided for Festo’s own staff – Festo Didactic SE also supplies basic and further training programmes in the field of automation technology for customers, students and trainees.


Productivity Master points the way to digitalization

Festo - The Productivity Master, a modular demonstration system for personalised USB memory sticks from Festo, is showing how automation technology will evolve along the value chain when combined with digitalisation. The Festo automation platform provides an integrated and practical system to link all Festo engineering tools, components and solutions in hardware and software.

Great strides into the digital future

Festo - Digitalisation and artificial intelligence (AI) are mega trends that are also opening up the potential for savings in all phases of a plant's lifecycle in process automation. A digital field device, the Festo Motion Terminal VTEM, is already available. Festo Dashboards also visualise plant conditions and even artificial intelligence is no longer far removed from becoming a reality in process automation.

Mobile robot system meets BionicSoftHand 2.0

Festo - Industrial change demands a new kind of interaction between people, machines and data. In the future, operators and robots will work ever more closely together. This is why Festo has been working intensively on systems which, for example, can relieve people of monotonous or hazardous activities while at the same time posing no risk. Artificial intelligence plays a central role here.

Mini factories in containers help reduce mask shortages

Festo - Protective masks are in short supply in these times of coronavirus so why not just produce some yourself?! With a system from Mikron, this is almost within everyone’s reach. This scalable system produces 50-100 face masks per minute, depending on the version. With engineering support from Festo, Mikron managed to develop the system in just six weeks.

The right control cabinet in a matter of minutes

Festo - With the Cabinet Guido Online from Festo engineers and designers working on water technology are able to create purpose-built, ready-to-install control cabinets in record time – and make considerable savings compared to conventional custom-designed control cabinets. It enables engineers and designers to configure and order their new control cabinet solution in a smart and intuitive way.

Chameleon’s tongue for industrial automation wins design prizes

Festo - Grasping workpieces like a chameleon’s tongue – that’s the functional principle of Festo’s adaptive shape gripper DHEF. The gripper can thus pick, gather and place objects of many different shapes without any need for manual changeovers. This is why it won renowned distinctions in 2020 including the iF Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award.