Factory Equipment

Chloroplast-Fortified 3D-Printer Ink May Strengthen Products Like Custom Sneaker Soles

USC Viterbi - A tree grows strong from years of generating its own food. Now imagine if products could be strengthened with the same living materials that provide nutrients to strengthen trees. This is the work of USC Viterbi School of Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering Professor Qiming Wang whose research lab is one of the first to infuse 3-D printer ink with living material. The material has potential for greater strength, to be flexible and self-heal.

The new Zmorph Fab, an all-in-one desktop 3D printer

ZMorph - Polish 3D printer manufacturer Zmorph unveils today the new Zmorph Fab, an all-in-one desktop 3D printer along with new features and software. Zmorph Fab features an interchangeable toolhead system that allows 3D printing, CNC milling, and laser engraving and cutting with the same device. The all-new Single Extruder Toolhead delivers faster prints with best quality.

General Motors Increases Agility and Speed by Opening All-New Additive Industrialization Center

General Motors - General Motors announced the opening of the 15,000-square-foot Additive Industrialization Center, a ground-up facility exclusively dedicated to productionizing 3D printing technology in the automotive industry. The AIC is the capstone of GM’s expertise and increased investment in 3D printing over the last several years. 3D printing will help transform GM operations – in product development, motorsports and manufacturing

Manufacturing Breakthrough Creates Path towards Eliminating Waste in 3D Printing

Materialise - 3D printing is often considered a sustainable manufacturing technology but a new Lifecycle Analysis indicates that for large series of identical products, 3D printing has a bigger environmental impact compared to a conventional production technology. With the announcement of Bluesint PA12, a material innovation that makes it possible to 3D print with up to 100% re-used powder, Materialise creates a path towards eliminating waste in 3D printing.

AM-Flow Strengthens Ability to Fully Automate the Additive Manufacturing Post-Printing Process with New Module

AM-Flow - AM-Flow will use Formnext Connect to outline how its technology can provide the missing link for those seeking to scale-up volume within AM production. The upcoming event will also see AM-Flow once again introduce new elements to its efficiency-driving solutions portfolio, as it unveils its AM-BAGGING module.

LVD Offers New Low-Cost Laser Cutting Machine Under YSD Brand

LVD - LVD now offers YSD LaserONE, a new cost-effective laser cutting machine designed to put the advantages of fiber laser technology within easy reach of sheet metal fabricators by eliminating the extras that increase machine cost and complexity. LaserONE is offered with a 2- or 4-kW laser power source in a 3000 x 1500mm table size and with optional Load-Assist automation.

Sapphire XC, Large Format 3D Metal Printer with up to 5X Productivity Improvement

VELO3D - VELO3D, an innovator in digital manufacturing, announced the expansion of its systems portfolio to include Sapphire XC, an “Extra Capacity” large-format printer that will increase production throughput by 5X and reduce cost-per-part by up to 75%, when compared to the existing Sapphire system.

New High-precision CT System

VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions - VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions was able to present further new developments this summer. After the in-house development was completed, a standardized high-precision CT system was quickly completed and delivered in two different configurations in August. A customer in Israel received one variant with a granite manipulator, the other with a high-precision steel manipulator went to France.

From Biopaste to Bioplastic

University of Freiburg - A viscous biopaste that is easy to process, solidifies quickly and is suitable for producing even complex structures using the 3D printing process has been developed by a research team headed by Prof. Dr. Marie-Pierre Laborie from the Chair of Forest Biomaterials at the University of Freiburg. The wood-based biodegradable synthetic could potentially be used in lightweight construction, amongst other things.

Evonik opens new technology center for 3D printing in the USA

Evonik - Evonik is further expanding its business in the area of additive manufacturing. The specialty chemicals company has opened a new technology center for 3D printing in Austin, Texas. The U.S. site will play a key role within Evonik's global innovation network in the development of new, ready-to-use materials for powder bed fusion manufactured by the Structured Polymers technology.

Ground-breaking 3D X-ray scanning technology

Deltaray - The Belgian company has developed a revolutionary 3D scanning technology based on X-rays that makes quality control on or next to production lines faster than ever before. The start-up provides a solution for ‘zero defect manufacturers’ in the medical, automotive and 3D printing industries. Thanks to AI, the solution works up to 100 times faster than alternatives, so that inspections will no longer be conducted at the expense of production time.

Mini factories in containers help reduce mask shortages

Festo - Protective masks are in short supply in these times of coronavirus so why not just produce some yourself?! With a system from Mikron, this is almost within everyone’s reach. This scalable system produces 50-100 face masks per minute, depending on the version. With engineering support from Festo, Mikron managed to develop the system in just six weeks.

e-spool flex: guide cables without slip ring

igus - igus has introduced a cable reel that can guide cables and hoses for the transmission of energy, media, and data without interruption. The e-spool flex increases safety at manual workstations and operating panels. For quick installation of the cable reel, the developers opted for a worm guide. The cable is inserted in a few simple steps, and the e-spool is ready for use.

Affordable, Office-friendly, Full-Color 3D Printing

Stratasys - Making fast, full-color design realism accessible to designers and teams everywhere, Stratasys today unveiled the new J55 3D Printer. At about a third the price of enterprise-class PolyJet printers, the J55 combines realism and productivity, including high fidelity and five simultaneously printed materials that enable nearly 500,000 colors, PANTONE Validation, realistic textures and transparency in one printed part.

Mimaki Expands Portfolio with Large-Scale 3D Printer

Mimaki - Mimaki Europe, a leading manufacturer of inkjet printers and cutting systems, today announces the launch of the new Mimaki 3DGD-1800 3D printer, facilitating large-scale production up to three times faster than with conventional Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) type 3D printers. The Mimaki 3DGD-1800 3D printer connects the company’s 2D printing expertise and 3D technology innovations.

Safety as a strategic process

VDW - The European Machinery Directive is probably the most important set of machine safety regulations; it is currently being reviewed. The EU Commission is planning a new version. However, the messages emerging from the Commission are causing unease among companies and associations alike. The underlying objectives of the review, such as adapting to technical progress, may find broad agreement, yet the devil, as so often, lies in the detail.

Additive manufacturing being put into practice

VDW - There has been great deal of hype surrounding the benefits of additive manufacturing for several years now. Numerous companies have invested in machines and have been trying out the innovative manufacturing process. Such trials often represent a cost-intensive learning process, but the focus is now increasingly on achieving verifiable successes. Trade visitors can expect to encounter the entire spectrum of 3D printing processes in the Additive Manufacturing Area at METAV from 10 to 13 March 2020.

IDAM: Network puts metallic 3D printing on track for automotive series production

Fraunhofer - On March 27, 2019, the joint project IDAM held its kick-off meeting in Munich, which was intended to pave the way for Additive Manufacturing to enter automotive series production. Specifically, the project partners – consisting of SMEs, large companies and research institutions – will transfer metallic 3D printing into an industrialized and highly automated series process in the automotive industry for the first time.