Emerson Expedites Manufacturing Speed-to-Market and System Integration with MTP

Emerson - Emerson announced the integration of the emerging MTP process automation standard into its control systems, as part of a continued effort to help manufacturers increase speed-to-market and reduce project and operations costs. Emerson is among the first automation vendors to support the User Association of Automation Technology in Process Industries’ (NAMUR) Module Type Package (MTP) standard for both distributed control systems (DCS) and programmable logic controllers (PLCs).

Rockwell Automation Expands Its Threat Detection Services with Cisco Cyber Vision

Rockwell Automation - The longstanding alliance between Rockwell Automation and Cisco continues to find new ways to provide customer value with the announcement today that Rockwell Automation is adding Cisco’s Cyber Vision solution to its existing LifecycleIQ Services portfolio of cybersecurity threat detection offerings.

Industrial Augmented Reality Approaches US$70 Billion Total Market Value by 2025, Spurred by Digitization and Connected Workers

ABI Research - After a tumultuous 2020, the need for digitization and keeping workers connected became crystal clear. This is especially true for industrial markets where workflow complexity, knowledge retention and share, and the financial impact from downtime and other inefficiencies are particularly severe. According to ABI Research, the industrial market will quicken its adoption of AR smart glasses and mobile devices to enable workers in any location and minimize costly inefficiencies.

New gPROMS Process – process modelling and optimization for the digital world

Process Systems Enterprise (PSE) - Process Systems Enterprise (PSE), a Siemens business, today launched its rebranded gPROMS Process advanced process modelling environment. Formerly known as gPROMS ProcessBuilder, gPROMS Process 2.0 is the first major release since PSE was acquired by Siemens.

Production Level 4 demonstrator

Productivity.be - The Hannover Messe Digital Edition offered the fans of factory of the future concepts a unique chance to see the Production Level 4 demonstrator. With the new demo factory, SmartFactory continues to build on the experience it gained with the Industry 4.0 demonstrator that was one of the eye-catchers at the Hannover Messe for many years.

The cloud makes Augmented Reality increasingly efficient

Productivity.be - The US military announced last week that it will deploy headsets based on Microsoft's HoloLens to implement what is called an Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS). Similar applications of Augmented Reality are now also being used in industry - and they are becoming increasingly efficient.

5G will be an important link in software-defined manufacturing

Productivity.be - At its online Transformational Technology Summit last week, the analyst firm ABI Research looked at the digital transformation in the industry from the technology it considers one of the most important enablers: 5G. Private mobile networks will play a vital role in all aspects of software-defined manufacturing.

AVEVA and SHELL Provide Perspective on How Industry 5.0 Will Connect Human Elements to Smart Production

AVEVA - AVEVA, a global leader in engineering and industrial software, and the Shell Oil Company joined forces to discuss the future of Smart Production recently. Brent Kedzierski, Head of Learning Strategy and Innovation at Shell, and AVEVA’s Vice President for Process & Simulation, Ian Willetts, explored how more personalized solutions will empower workers to take greater control over their work experiences.

Open community driving machine tool industry forwards

VDW - 'umati' allows machines from different manufacturers to be linked – securely, simply and smoothly – to customers' own digital solutions. Based on OPC UA as the "global language of production", it considerably simplifies the connection of machine tools to production-related IT systems. The alliance (launched in 2017 by the VDW – German Machine Tool Builders' Association) will be participating in the METAV digital from 23 to 26 March 2021.

New Usability Evaluation Service for FDI Device Package Developers

FieldComm Group - ieldComm Group is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Bilfinger Maintenance GmbH to create a usability evaluation service for FDI enabled field instruments and systems. The new service is available to field instrumentation suppliers and will be managed as an optional service.


Productivity.be - Umati - which stands for “universal machine technology interface” - is an OPC-UA accompanying specification that contains a standardized data model to allow industrial machines and software applications to communicate with each other. Using standardized labels, Umati want to define parameters and settings of machines unambiguously so that they become universally recognizable. (updated)

IDS is Officially a Standard: DIN SPEC 27070 is Published

International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) - On February 21st, 2020, the DIN SPEC 27070 “Requirements and reference architecture of a security gateway for the exchange of industry data and services” was published and is now available from the German Institute for Standardization’s Beuth Verlag.

Waylay simplifies complex processing industries and bolsters digital transformation with productized use cases

Waylay - Waylay, a leading enterprise software company at the forefront of the unified IT-OT digital transformation, announced today that it offers productized use case templates for the processing industry to kickstart the creation of new business flows and experiment with ideas to generate new revenue.

The new operator assistance system ifm mate

ifm - At the digital Hanover Fair 2021, ifm will be presenting the digital operator assistance system “ifm mate” for support of manual workstations in pro-duction environments. Based on a 2D/3D camera system for hand recogni-tion, the system eliminates the need for cumbersome wrist accessories common to other systems.

New corporate culture in smart factories

VDW - The digitalisation and networking of entire factory floors and the new processes in Industry 4.0 scenarios are raising ever more questions surrounding the role which employees play in this environment. Above all, the dynamics of production lines supported by artificial intelligence (AI) necessitate giving human beings working at machines greater decision-making authority and responsibility than many organisational charts provide for at present.

Productivity Master points the way to digitalization

Festo - The Productivity Master, a modular demonstration system for personalised USB memory sticks from Festo, is showing how automation technology will evolve along the value chain when combined with digitalisation. The Festo automation platform provides an integrated and practical system to link all Festo engineering tools, components and solutions in hardware and software.

Solvay to use blockchain for a smooth-running circular economy

Solvay - Solvay has begun testing blockchain technology to trace its products throughout the entire value chain, in a drive to facilitate recycling and develop the circular economy. As part of the European Union-funded Chemchain project, our Group will participate in a Proof of Concept exercise scheduled to be completed by mid-2021.

Automatic code generation enables efficient module engineering

Beckhoff Automation - The Module Type Package (MTP) is a modern solution for modularizing plants in the process industry. It defines an interface for easily orchestrating and connecting modules to a higher-level control system. With the new TwinCAT MTP, TwinCAT automation software from Beckhoff helps create MTP projects with automatic code generation, paving the way for efficient module development integrated into the TwinCAT Engineering Environment.

KeyShot 3D rendering software now fully supports Stratasys full-color, multi-material 3D printers

Stratasys - Almost any product designer will tell you that prototyping the shape of a new design with 3D printing is pretty easy. But accurately simulating color, material and finish, or “CMF,” can take serious time and money. Not anymore. Thanks to the latest KeyShot 10 3D rendering software and Stratasys Ltd.’s J55 and J8 Series 3D printers, it’s little more than just click-and-print.

Smart Manufacturing Platform Revenue Will Pass US$32 Billion Annually by 2025

ABI Research - As manufacturers integrate IT and OT, they rely on Industrial IoT (IIoT) platforms dedicated to smart manufacturing to manage their devices, connectivity, infrastructure, and data. These IIoT platforms also help manufacturers implement applications, derive insights, and deliver those insights to the correct stakeholders. Consequently, IIoT platforms come in a variety of flavors to meet a range of needs.