High-performance collaborative robotics at industrial speed

Comau - Comau introduces its RACER-5-0.80 (Racer-5 COBOT), a new paradigm in collaborative robotics which meets the growing demand for fast, cost-effective cobots that can be used in restricted spaces and in different application areas. Countering the belief that collaborative robots are slow, Racer-5 COBOT is a 6-axis articulated robot that can work at industrial speed up to 6 m/s.

Stäubli launches latest version of the Robotics Suite

Stäubli - The latest version of the Stäubli Robotics Suite (SRS) has been launched complete with cutting edge innovations. The advanced software tool now supports users at every stage of a project – from conception, simulation, setup and programming to maintenance and optimization of existing robot applications. The planning, implementation and operation of robot assembly lines could not be more convenient or straightforward.

BlueBotics’ ANT Navigation Drives Autonomous Vehicles Over 10 Million Kilometers

BlueBotics - BlueBotics, the global leader in natural feature navigation, has announced its Autonomous Navigation Technology (ANT) is now estimated to have driven automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) over 10 million kilometers, in applications ranging from warehousing and manufacturing to commercial cleaning services, UVC disinfection and more.

New modular gearbox kit from igus for innovative cobot ideas

igus - The potential for service robotics is enormous: in kitchens and bars, in the area of nursing, or in agriculture and logistics, lightweight robots facilitate the automation of monotonous or non-ergonomic tasks. To make the implementation of such new concepts easy and, above all, cost-effective, igus is presenting a new modular gearbox kit for cobots at the Hannover Trade Show.

ANYmal Robots Inspecting PETRONAS’ Offshore Platform

ANYbotics - PETRONAS, the global energy and solutions company from Malaysia, is testing ANYmal for autonomous robotic inspection on its oil & gas platforms. They recently conducted a successful multi-week installation with the robot ANYmal C on one of their offshore facilities. For commercial use in 2022, ANYbotics and PETRONAS are co-developing a specialized version of ANYmal for potentially explosive environments.

Flexiv Launches 100th Adaptive Robot

Flexiv - Flexiv, the world-leading robotics company that created the first adaptive robot Rizon, has announced it has completed production of its 100th robot, marking significant progress in the mass production of adaptive robots, at the Force-Controlled Robotics Forum 2020 in Foshan, China.

Three breakthroughs in the history of the assembly line - Although it faces stiff competition from the steam engine and the PLC, the assembly line is generally regarded as the most important invention of all time in manufacturing technology. In this article, we take a look at three breakthroughs that have made their mark in the history of the assembly line.

7th axis quickly extends range for robots

igus - igus now offers a ready-to-connect 7th axis that will allow a robot to move over a distance several meters and includes a maintenance-free drylin ZLW toothed belt axis with a corresponding adapter plate, switch cabinet, cables, and software integration. For easy integration of the axis and the robot, igus has developed two adapter kits for robolink and UR robots. They enable fast and cost-effective low-cost automation.

Fast and powerful IRB 1300 for confined spaces

ABB Robotics - ABB is extending its family of small six-axis industrial robots with the launch of the IRB 1300, to meet demand for a faster and more compact robot able to rapidly lift heavy objects or loads with complex and irregular shapes. The IRB 1300 dramatically improves cycle times with class-leading lifting ability, reach and path accuracy, in a smaller footprint to enhance productivity and production-line flexibility.

Sealing and damping – fully automated system at Audi

KUKA - In the automotive industry, it is becoming increasingly important to produce sustainably and efficiently. As an alternative joining method, adhesive and sealing technology in body-in-white production makes it possible to reliably join a wide variety of materials. KUKA has extensive expertise in this field and is supplying a fully automated production system for Audi.

Mobile robot system meets BionicSoftHand 2.0

Festo - Industrial change demands a new kind of interaction between people, machines and data. In the future, operators and robots will work ever more closely together. This is why Festo has been working intensively on systems which, for example, can relieve people of monotonous or hazardous activities while at the same time posing no risk. Artificial intelligence plays a central role here.

Chameleon’s tongue for industrial automation wins design prizes

Festo - Grasping workpieces like a chameleon’s tongue – that’s the functional principle of Festo’s adaptive shape gripper DHEF. The gripper can thus pick, gather and place objects of many different shapes without any need for manual changeovers. This is why it won renowned distinctions in 2020 including the iF Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award.

New cable management kit pairs with any cobot arm

igus - Large and mid-sized corporations alike are becoming more interested in automating tedious and repetitive tasks. We are still quite far, though, from fully automated processes and manufacturing and assembly still require some human interaction. It is estimated that collaborative robots are likely to account for nearly 35% of all industrial robots sold by 2025.